Uru Swati (Restaurant, Rogers Park)

Location: 2629 W. Devon
Phone: 773-262-5280
Website: www.uru-swati.net
Cuisine: Indian
Reservation: Not accepted

There are a mind-numbing number of places to eat on the West Devon Avenue Indo-Pak corridor between Ridge and California. My current favorite is Uru Swati, on the South East corner of Devon and Talman. It’s all vegetarian – don’t stop reading meat fans, it’s really good – and has a decent-sized menu with different regional styles represented. In a happy postmodern twist, an English translation of the menu prepared and posted online by an avid but unaffiliated foodie has been copied and printed by the proprietors of the restaurant. The real winners here are the chaat offerings. Chaat refers to Indian street food. The samosa chaat reminds me of a vegetarian Indian version of a chili dog, which sounds gross but is actually a potatoey, crispy, chick-pea and tomato masterpiece that is in itself a meal for $3. The food here is CHEAP, always hot and fresh and prepared by happy-looking people (it must be family-run) and relatively healthy despite healthy doses of ghee. Uru Swati does a huge takeout business, but it’s nice to stay there. The inside of the restaurant is really charming in a kind of weird way. The walls are decorated with cutouts of skyscrapers that stick out from the wall at varying degrees giving a textured 3-D look. There’s also flatscreen TVs showing and loudly broadcasting current Bollywood hits. The overall impression the space would give without the tables is a fashionable shoe store in an Indian mall. Give it a shot…or should I say a chaat! Sorry.

Max Wolod

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I’m a Chicago lifer. I studied Creative Writing at Tulane University in New Orleans but my prodigal ass returned to Rogers Park a year ago and for keeps. If I had a tattoo it would be a phantasmagorical BearBullHawk riding the Sears Tower a la Dr. Strangelove. My pastimes include eating and drinking to excess and lamenting another woeful year for the (INSERT CHICAGO SPORTS TEAM). I represent Rogers Park and the Tao of Ditka. Amen.

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