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Ok, so we’ll be the first to admit it, no city is perfect. You are going to have those bad days when you say, ugh, I just can’t f!%#ing stand this s%@*! Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s that $60 parking ticket. Maybe it’s the traffic, ooooh the traffic (fuck you 290). Or maybe you’re just having a bad day and you’re blaming it on poor Chicago. We sympathize, we’ve been there.

So use that frustration and vent to us! It will probably be more productive than protesting that parking ticket you got in an elegantly worded letter to the city. Send us your letters of anger and we’ll post them right here on UPchicago!

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Urban Philosophy is a way of thinking that you develop when you’re a true city person. Whether you’ve spent your whole life living in Manhattan, or you just moved from small-town Iowa to the city of Chicago, the longer you stay, the more you come to understand what it means to live in a city. Our Urban Philosophy is that no matter who you are, where you are from, and what your likes and dislikes may be, there’s something for everyone in city life.

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