UPchicago Trivia Contest Answers

Congrats to those of you who entered the UPchicago Trivia Contest … and got the answers right! If you guessed the correct answers, you were entered into the random drawing for a $50 gift card to Sweetwater Tavern & Grille. Alas, only one can be the winner. And the winner is…

Meghan McCambridge
Congrats on your exceptional Chicago knowledge!

For those who are curious…

1. What is the official city motto, appearing (in latin) on the corporate seal?
City in a Garden

2. At what Chicago restaurant can you book a table in the kitchen?
Charlie Trotter’s

We also accepted Buca di Beppo, though it’s not technically a “Chicago restaurant.” Aria was also accepted as a correct answer.

3. What condiment is never added to a Chicago-style hot dog?

4. What famous Chicagoan was noted for is frequent use of the phrases “Oh, boy!” and “Hey, hey!”?
Jack Brickhouse

Sorry guys, it wasn’t Harry Caray! His favorite phrase was “Holy Cow!”

5. Two Mayor Richard Daleys have dominated the Chicago political scene for more than half a century. What are their middle names?
Michael & Joseph

Jackie Berkery

About Jackie Berkery

With a strong phobia of cubicles and those three little words (“nine to five”), I am thrilled to be working on UPchicago from the comforts of my own couch at three o’clock in the morning. I love to write. I love Chicago. Hello, dream job!

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