Underbar (Bar, Roscoe Village)

Location: 3243 N. Western Ave.
Phone:  773-404-9363
Website: http://www.underbarchicago.com

There comes a time on every pub crawl where people look around sleepily, the lights are getting brighter, someone shouts “last call” and everyone reaches for their wallets. Cabs get called and you say your goodbyes and then… you go to a 4AM bar! Because you’re an irresponsible prick who doesn’t work the next day! Because you have zero self respect! Or, in this case, because you’re just having that much fun with the wonderful people you’re out with. Yeah, that’s it.

Underbar is the perfect establishment for capping off a weeknight trounce through Roscoe Village. Though our numbers had dwindled (Andrew and I are the only ones who like fun, apparently) we were still having a blast and Underbar had exactly what we needed: cheap pints of PBR.

Normally bustling with activity on the weekends (especially those 5AM Saturdays), the bar was especially chill this evening. And by chill I mean Andrew and I were the only two patrons. No matter, the night was perfect. The beer was cold, the candlelight set the mood and we met at the middle of a string of spaghetti. Ok, some of that is true.

4am bars can often be written of as, at best, not trying very hard, and at worst, downright trashy. Not the case here. Underbar is just a pub where decent people hang out and good music is always playing. The staff tends to be warmer than you’ll find at most late-night spots and the old wooden bar has some really satisfying grooves in it. Activity started to pick up around three, but at that point the long trek home was looming large. Should I have just gotten into a cab? Would it have saved me from waking up at the O’Hare stop on the Blue Line? Did I have a great time?


This article first appeared in UPchicago Bar Crawl #7: Roscoe Village


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