Uncle Julio’s La Hacienda (Restaurant, Lincoln Park)

Location: 855 W. North Avenue
Phone: (312) 266-4222
Website: www.unclejulios.com
Cuisine: Mexican
Reservations: No

Uncle Julio’s is a favorite spot for a Mexican dinner when you just can’t make it to an authentic Mexican dive. It has some cheesy Mexican charm with a tex-mex feel. Uncle Julios is always very busy and does not take reservations, but has a nice bar area to wait in. The fresh tortillas are reason to come alone, and the fajitas are a great entree choice. It’s a little overpriced, and beware that when you say you want sour cream and cheese they will charge you for it, but you do get some pretty tasty food.

The service is always very good, they definitely have a system that works. And since I partly judge all Mexican restaurants by their margaritas, I’d say this place is worth a visit. A great place for group dinners. Valet is available.


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