Touch iBar (Bar, Lakeview)

Location: 1622 W. Belmont
Phone: 773.883.8888
Cuisine: none
Reservations: accepted (and recommended!)

Have you ever been out with friends when the urge to do your best Tom Cruise a la Minority Report impression suddenly strikes you? (Be honest, who hasn’t this happened to, right?). Enter Touch iBar, a relatively new lounge-esque drinkery that features interactive screens which respond to the touch of your finger much the same way iPhones do. Touch iBar’s 5 VIP tables are equipped with interactive tabletop screens that allow you to order from an exorbitantly long list of humorously dubbed drinks or create your own potent concoction to sip on. Gone are the days of clamoring for the bartender’s attention while herded like cattle against a crowded bar. With a few taps of your finger you can select the drink of your choice and have it delivered to your table within minutes. Besides facilitating fast and easy drink ordering, the interactive tables also allow visitors to send instant messages back and forth to other tables, play games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Spin the Bottle, and draw personalized pictures; all things that grow more entertaining as the evening (and the amount of alcohol consumption) progresses.

Though there is a large interactive screen on the back wall inviting all visitors to try it out (this is where the Tom Cruise impression comes in), unless you have reserved a VIP table, your experience will be much like that at any other bar. Paying a table fee or ordering bottle service is required to reserve a table on the weekends and drinks can get expensive, so splitting a table with a group of very thirsty friends is advisable to prevent the evening from becoming a burden on your bank account. Though Touch iBar probably will not become one of my regular favorites, it’s an interesting experience and worth checking out. *Open Wednesday-Saturday


Brittany Clingen

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Born and raised twenty miles outside Chicago and now residing in Wrigleyville, this life long Cubs fan enjoys running along the lake, taunting Sox fans, reading books, dabbling in screenwriting, and pampering her pug named Pug. On the weekends she frequents a number of popular North side watering holes and tours around the city with friends, welcoming any adventure that might come her way.

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