The Mopery (Music Venue)

Location: Logan Square, 2734 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Floor
Phone: n/a
Music: Noise, Experimental, Drone

If there are places in Chicago that qualify as “hidden gems”, then the Mopery is what you would call a hidden dirty nickel. Emphasis on the hidden. If you wind up at 2734 N. Milwaukee ready to see a show and wonder why you’re standing in front of a Pearl Vision, you won’t be the first, and certainly not the last. Just take a few steps south and you’ll find a beat up steel door with a long concrete staircase behind it. Follow the rabbit.

The Mopery is a converted warehouse space that puts on free shows a few times a month. Have you ever heard older Chicago punks reminiscing about the days of “five bands, five dollars”. Well, how about 5 bands, no dollars. In this economy, how can you resist?

Important notes: There is no bar, so bring your own booze. There is no enforcement of Chicago’s smoking ban, so if that is going to be a problem, this isn’t the venue for you. The music is loud. Stacks of speakers are blasting noise-rock against solid concrete. Earplugs are sold at the merchandise table.

Wait? Noise-rock? Ok, maybe just noise. Or hardcore. Or synth. What makes the Mopery special, what makes it the “hidden dirty nickel” of the Chicago music landscape, is that it’s one of the few venues where bands of more extreme and fringe genres can find a space to play, and where fans of those genres can here the music they want.

A recommendation – come with a six pack (Red Star Liquors is just a block away) and an open mind.

Gene Wagendorf III

About Gene Wagendorf III

Gene is a writer who has spent his entire quarter century of life as a resident of Chicago. When not exploring the city he can be found wandering flea markets and garage sales or having a cigarette between classes at Northeastern Illinois University, where he hopes to acquire a degree in the next quarter century. His favorite smells are old books and bowling alleys. His poetry (how embarrassing!) can be found in issues of Kill Poet, Ditch, Word Riot, O Sweet Flowery Roses and Vowel Movements.

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