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Maybe male strippers and blow up penises aren’t really your thing. We get it. Luckily, there is an alternative from your typical Chicago bachelorette night out, and it comes in the form of some very, ahem, fancy ladies. For over 40 years the Baton Club has been making bachelorette parties and birthdays more fun, providing a revue full of female impersonators (read: fabulous drag queens!) that will have you and your friends dancing in your seats and cheering for more.

The show, located in River North, is adequately priced and guarantees a not-so-ordinary night out. As we said, the Baton club is a favorite for bachelorette and birthday parties, so don’t be surprised to see lots of tiaras and boas — aside from the performer’s elaborate and often glittering costumes, that is. That said, also expect a crowd of tourists and suburbanites out for a night in Chicago.

The show runs an hour and a half and consists of performances to a mix of popular songs as well as favorites like Madonna and Janet Jackson. Each song features a different performer as well as some ensemble numbers. The songs are obviously lip-synced, but once you get into the show you don’t even care anymore. It’s all about the experience. Audience members can tip the performers, but remember you’re not at a strip club — you’re at a cabaret — so resist the urge to go down a performers dress when placing your dollar bill.

A large bar makes up one side of the club, while very close comedy club style round tables make up the rest of the venue. Servers attend to the tables during the show, but they have to accommodate large groups so don’t expect one to be at your table whenever you need them.

Reservations are highly recommended and the sooner the better if you want to choose your seating. There is a two-drink minimum, so be sure to come ready to have a couple cocktails. The drink selection isn’t large and drinks are definitely in the River North price range, but who cares what you’re drinking when you’re busy singing along to the cast of queens.

Our one complaint? For a club that is usually about 90 percent women, why aren’t there more women’s restrooms??

The Essentials:
The Baton
432 N. Clark Street, River North
When: Wednesday – Sunday at 8:30pm,10:30pm, & 12:30am
Price: $15 per person + 2 drink minimum
Reservations Recommended
To make reservations call (312) 644-5269 Monday-Friday between 11:30am-4pm

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