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O Captain! My Captain! I mean… Paulie! Paulie!

O Captain! My Captain! I mean… Paulie! Paulie!

White Sox Captain and 2005 World Series Hero Paul Konerko is one of the last people who’d expect to have his own statue, and we love him for it.

Disco Demolition Night: Chicago Baseball Meets Rock ‘n’ Roll; Things Explode

100,000 people. Bonfires. Booze. Pot. Sex. Explosions. Baseball? Welcome to the death of disco and the destruction of Comiskey Park.

Frank Thomas: The Big Hurt

Frank Thomas: The Big Hurt

Pitchers are still having nightmares about the Big Hurt, who pummeled baseballs for the Chicago White Sox from 1990-2005.

South Side Magic: The White Sox

On the south side of the Red Line rests the much bigger and much newer stadium, housing the much more successful team (hey, I’m just speaking truth), the Chicago White Sox.

U.S. Cellular Field (aka Comiskey)

Today, all that remains of Old Comiskey is a marble plaque on the sidewalk at the spot of the old home plate next to the towering U.S. Cellular Field. But regardless, the home of White Sox will still always be known as Comiskey to many.

Shoeless Joe’s Dry Cleaning: The Black Sox Scandal

Jackson stands as the greatest outfielder in White Sox history and one of their most intriguing characters. In 13 Major League seasons, he had a career average of .356 with 1,172 hits, 202 stolen bases and a .962 fielding percentage.