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5 Kickass… Streets for Holiday Shopping in Chicago

5 Kickass… Streets for Holiday Shopping in Chicago

Don’t know where to snag the best gifts for everyone on your list this year? Here are our 5 kickass ways to get through your holiday shopping in Chicago — sans malls! Hint: they’re our favorite shopping streets in the city…

Fish Bar (Restaurant, Lakeview)

As a fan of DMK Burger Bar, I had high hopes for their next door neighbor by the same owners, Fish Bar. Another creation by Chef Michael Kornick, this little seafood spot doesn’t disappoint.

Brew and View at the Vic

Four days a week the Vic transforms itself from a concert venue into Brew and View, a cozy movie theater with a full bar and menu. $5 for a double feature — um, yes please!

They’re Hot and They’re Cold: The Soupbox

Since its opening in 1995, The Soupbox has offered a refreshingly simple experience — good soup and bread.

Schubas (Bar & Music Venue, Lakeview)

Whether it’s the nightly music, classic food menu, or the seemingly perpetual positive demeanor of the Lakeview crowd, you’ll never second guess your night should have been spent somewhere else.

Flat Top Grill (Restaurant, Multiple Locations)

At Flat Top Grill, you are the head chef.

Julius Meinl (Cafe, Lakeview/North Center)

This cafe & restaurant is a gem of a spot in a city scattered with Starbucks. If you’re the type who enjoys slowly sipping a great cup of tea or a cappuccino while reading the paper uninterrupted, this is the place for you.

Tango Sur (Restaurant, BYOB, Lakeview)

We at UPchicago are fanatics for anything Argentine, including the country’s oh-so-fabulous cuisine. So, when we decided to check out Tango Sur to celebrate a birthday the other night, we had high expectations to say the least.

Elbo Room (Music Venue, Bar, Lakeview)

Known for supporting local artists, the Elbo Room is a great place to catch live music seven nights a week.

Twist Tapas Cafe (Restaurant, Lakeview/Wrigleyville)

I am in love. Head over heels, obsessively, passionately, helplessly, hopelessly in love…with a quaint little tapas restaurant called Twist.

Chilam Balam (Restaurant, BYOB, Lakeview)

With a unique twist on Mexican fare, this small Lakeview spot has excellent service and quality, fresh food.

The Counter (Restaurant, Lakeview)

This burger joint really is a nightmare for the indecisive (aka me), but the options really allow you to customize and when its all over, its really your fault anyway if it sucks.

Panes Bread Cafe (Restaurant, Lakeview)

This place is a great go-to sandwich shop. The sandwich selections are extensive, all are served on fresh baked bread and all for around $5.

Southport Grocery & Cafe (Restaurant & Grocery, Lakeview)

Southport Grocery and Café not only serves spectacular breakfast items, but they have used their passion for unique artisanal food products to create the most tempting checkout line I’ve ever been to. Impulse buyers beware.