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Chicago Zoo Lights: A Holiday Tradition

Starting in late November, a Chicago holiday tradition will be unveiled at the Lincoln Park Zoo. More than a million sparkling lights fill the zoo, creating one of the brightest parts of a Chicago winter.

The Warrior Dash

When a college friend of mine called and asked me to run a 3.17 mile race with him I quickly agreed. Little did I know, the race was the Warrior Dash.

The Joni Mitchell Punk Movement

I get pretty bummed when I forget my headphones in the morning. A mistake like that rules out Groovesharking all day and listening to music on my commutes. However, it does amp up my listening and people watching skills and the only thing better than people watching is eavesdropping.

My Love Affair with a Man Named People Watching

I love looking at myself in “The Bean” just as much as the next tourist, but what I love even more is going to “The Bean” and watching other people look at themselves. Check out my bi-weekly people watching column for my latest observations on Chicagoans.

Chicago Love Letter

A love letter to Chicago.