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Holiday Shopping Downtown: Treat Yourself While Checking off Your Gift List

Visit unique shops in Chicago’s downtown to find gifts for everyone on your list, while having a little fun yourself!

C2E2 2012: Chicago Gets Its Geek On

C2E2 2012: Chicago Gets Its Geek On

What’s got Daredevil, John Cusack, C3P0, scantily-clad women, a bubble show and great deals on graphic novels? The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo! Check out this recap of all 3 days of C2E2!

Hamburger Mary’s Drag Queen Ham-BINGO

As Velicity Metropolis, the boisterous blonde drag queen and host of Hamburger Mary’s weekly Bingo, will be sure to tell you, this really isn’t your grandma’s church basement Bingo.

Chicago Record Labels (Part One)

Beyond the plethora of music venues, record stores and starving musicians looking to make more than a peep in this city, Chicago is one of the leading hubs for record labels.

Riverview: A Lost Amusement Park in the Heart of Chicago

Riverview: A Lost Amusement Park in the Heart of Chicago

Riverview Park, once located in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood, was one of the greatest of all amusement parks, and still holds a special place in the heart of all those who remember.

Chicago’s Public Transit Train: A Brief History of the “L”

Love it or hate it, the “L” is an integral part of Chicago history and culture.

The Village Discount Outlet: A Thrifter’s Survival Guide

Shopping here is time consuming, but well worth it. And like all good thrift store shopping, it requires patience and the ability to leave your sense of smell at the door.

The Chicago Public Library

What makes the Chicago Public Library so special? A whole flipping lot!

Transistor: An Andersonville Shop for the Art/Book/Music Lover

Transistor is one of those hard-to-define Andersonville stores. Is it a record store? A bookstore? With art for sale on every inch of wall and amps, instruments, and headphones on display, I had to ask—what is Transistor?

The (Secret) Intercontinental Hotel Tour

These things are usually reserved for cryptic messages written in invisible ink behind the canvas of the Mona Lisa. I’m speaking of Dan Brownian searches, the mystery hidden in plain view; I’m talking about the Intercontinental Hotel.

Metropolitan Brewery

Metropolitan Brewery on the North side is crafting German Lagers with Chicago style. Learn about them here, then check ’em out in Andersonville or at your local bar.

Sunday Night Poetry Slam at the Green Mill

Sunday Night Poetry Slam at the Green Mill

Mark Smith runs a tight ship at the poetry slam held on Sunday nights at the Green Mill.

The Chicago Pedway

The Chicago Pedway

Oh, the Chicago Pedway. What a perfectly unique quirk in this city full of surprises. This underground system of tunnels connects Chicago’s Loop, a fascinating and functional city below the city.

Three Floyds Brewing Co.

The 2nd in our Chicago Brewery series, Three Floyds is grabbing hold of the local beer scene. And maybe even a reason to head to Indiana.