Supermercado Morelia (Restaurant/Market, Rogers Park)

Location: 7330 N. Western
Phone: (773) 761-3291
Website: n/a
Cuisine: Mexican
Reservation: Not Accepted

I am obsessed with ethnic markets. There. I said it. I have a problem. The only reason I’m not completely broke due to this not-so-bad sounding vice is that everything is so CHEAP at most ethnic markets. This is surely the case at Morelia, or at least the location closest to me on Western in Rogers Park. Morelia is a mini-chain, but I have to believe that the one on Western (also the newest location) is one of the best. In terms of produce, meat, and canned goods the market is pretty much de rigeur for Mexican markets; strangely unripe tomatoes, heaping pinwheels of arrachera (thinly cut Mexican skirt steak), and five million different kinds of beans. But what sets Morelia apart is the prepared food section, an inauspicious-looking row of steam table trays manned by a couple nice young dudes behind a massive sneeze guard, and the bakery. The prepared foods change daily, although fresh carnitas and fried chicharrones are always available (for those in the know, this is an almost ungodly treat). There are different stewed meats, soups, rice dishes, awesome beans, and other stuff to keep you entertained if you should find yourself – like me – stopping in almost every day for a cheap bite to eat. The bakery’s offerings also change frequently, but are generally variations on the same theme: lots of butter and Mexican vanilla. YUM!


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Max Wolod

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I’m a Chicago lifer. I studied Creative Writing at Tulane University in New Orleans but my prodigal ass returned to Rogers Park a year ago and for keeps. If I had a tattoo it would be a phantasmagorical BearBullHawk riding the Sears Tower a la Dr. Strangelove. My pastimes include eating and drinking to excess and lamenting another woeful year for the (INSERT CHICAGO SPORTS TEAM). I represent Rogers Park and the Tao of Ditka. Amen.

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