Super H Market (Restaurant/Market, Niles,IL)

Location: 801 Civic Center Dr., Niles, IL
Phone: 847-581-1212
Cuisine: Korean
Reservation: Not accepted

Imagine a combination Costco/Whole Foods/shopping mall transplanted from the streets of Seoul and plopped down in the near Northwest suburb of Niles. Super H Mart is exactly that. From the moment you step into the place it is impossible not to be struck by how wonderfully different it is from any other market in the city. I defy anyone to spend less than two hours checking the place out on their first visit (and second, and third…). I could spend that much time just perusing the football field-sized produce section with its beautifully fresh, exotic, and laughably cheap offerings. The bakery section offers some slightly strange but generally tasty stuff, as does the food court with fresh Korean dumplings, decent sushi, standards like bi bim bop and bulgogi, and many other dishes that would be unfamiliar to the uninitiated. The fish and seafood section is EPIC, so is the meat department, and don’t get me started on the seemingly endless aisles of weird snacks. Go on a weekend and prepare yourself for the 40 different free sample stations (seriously, I counted). As a matter of fact, make a day of it!


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