Sunshine Cafe (Restaurant, Andersonville)

Location: 5449 N. Clark
Phone: (773) 334-6214
Website: n/a
Cuisine: Japanese homestyle
Reservation: Not Accepted

Need more convincing that the show Check Please is the bane of the Chicago culinary world? When they profiled the very mom-and-pop (it’s actually more like mom-and-sons as the chef is an elderly Japanese woman and the front of the house is manned by her son) Sunshine Cafe, one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Chicago, business picked up so fast and to such a tremendous degree that the restaurant closed for around 6 months. That’s a weird way to start a review, but I’m all about full disclosure. Now on to the good stuff. Sunshine Cafe is a home- or country-style -Japanese restaurant. You will not *GASP!* find any sushi here my friends! But don’t be alarmed. In fact, be prepared to be turned onto a style of cuisine that very few Americans are familiar with, the regional Japenese specialties sourced mostly from inland areas or areas where access to sashimi grade fish is limited. Udon, a flour-noodle soup with a bonito-rich broth that will certainly cure what ails you is a personal favorate. The sukiyaki could rightfully be called “everything but the kitchen sink” and I would still piggishly slurp up it’s unctuous meat/tofu/vegetable/noodle/gravy goodness. I’ve never had a bad meal at Sunshine, it’s cheap, it’s BYOB, and it’s an all-around culinary treasure in Chicago. The next time you crave Japanese food, hopefully this alternative to the usual sushi suspects will come to mind.


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