Split a Six Pack with Miss Alex White and White Francis of White Mystery

Want to know more about Chicago’s local music scene? Here’s the plan of attack: one musician, six questions. Or in this case, two musicians, three questions. If you like ‘em, turn ‘em up.

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Blood is thicker than beer, so this Six Pack (maybe it’s more of a Three Pack) is going to be split with sibling duo Miss Alex White and her brother, White Francis. Don’t be fooled by their subdued demeanor — White Mystery pounds out some joyously aggressive garage punk on their self-titled record, the same record that Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune listed as one of the top 10 records from “Chicago indies” in 2010. The two have been playing together since childhood, and if we’re lucky they won’t stop any time soon.

At shows you guys introduce “Take A Walk” as a song about walking around Chicago. Aside from that glorious two minutes and thirty-three seconds, how has the city influenced your music, or the both of you as musicians?

Alex: The life, energy, and severe weather is reflected in the range of sound in White Mystery. Opportunities for consuming music present themselves in countless clubs, record stores, and houses.

Francis: The city has given me an appreciation for harder music with some balls.

Yeah? Got some examples?

Francis: Black Sabbath, Sleep, Iron Maiden, Gary Glitter, Slade.

Any Chicago bands you guys really enjoy seeing? Or playing with?

Alex: Mickey, Heavy Times, Squish, CAVE, Loose Dudes.

I finally got a chance to see CAVE play at the Empty Bottle in the fall. You guys have a gig coming up there on Valentine’s Day 2011. That seems to be a venue local rockers can’t get enough of. If you had the chance to play anywhere in the city, where would you love to do a show?

Francis: On the beach.

Alex: I’ve always wanted to play on the flat, red roof of a foreclosed Arby’s here on the north side.

How did White Mystery come about? What’s it like playing in a band with your sibling?

Alex: It’s a life-long project between my brother and I that started as kids, led to projects like Trash & Heat, and Forestbride. It’s awesome playing together because White Mystery is a rock’n’roll yin-yang.

Check out White Mystery’s video for “Powerglove.”

You can listen to more of Alex and Francis here, or catch them live as they gear up for SXSW and a new album, to be released on April 20, 2011. For more interviews with local musicians keep an eye out for new Six Packs here at UPchicago.com.

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