Skating in the Sky at the John Hancock Observatory

Photo Credit: Bernt Rostad
The John Hancock was there during the lazy days of summer towering next to you as you relaxed at Oak Street Beach. And now ‘Big John’ plans to entertain you during the winter months as well with the worlds highest ice skating rink. On January 1st the Hancock observatory will open its doors to the public and invite you to experience Skating in the Sky. Show off your signature moves while gliding 1,000 feet above Michigan Ave and Lake Shore Drive all the while cozy in an indoor environment.

The ice looks and feels like the real thing but in reality it’s just as innovative as… well, as elevated skating. The synthetic ice or Xtraice won’t melt at room temperature and needs no resurfacing (which is convenient because a zamboni may not make it up 94 floors). A 25-minute skating session only costs $5 and skate rentals are only a buck which leaves some money in your pocket for the holidays.

So on a clear day wave hello to Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin from the ice. However, please refrain from inviting your entire hockey team because this 20 by 50 foot rink is for leisurely enjoyment only. Chicago can soon add the John Hancock Observatory’s Skating in the Sky rink to its list of iconic ice skating locations which include Wrigley Field and Millennium Park. The rink will be open from January until March.

Location: 875 N. Michigan Ave 94th Floor
Price: 25 Minutes= $5 Skate Rentals= $1

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