Sing-a-longs, Poop Jokes & Tambourines: Musical Comedy in Chicago

Smith & Grimm: Pure Filth

If you yearn for unadulterated musical talent, comedic skills that’ll give you a better ab workout than a Jillian Michaels dvd, and a great set of knockers, look no further than Smith & Grimm: Pure Filth. Jason Grimm and Trista Smith (owner of said knockers) comprise this musical comedy duo, bringing raw talent and big laughs to Wicker Park each week.

Their two-man show is a raunchy cabaret, featuring everything from Lady Gaga-inspired numbers to… um… reworked 70s and Broadway hits. The duo also performs original material inspired by real life. Like the song about Trista’s white car getting tagged, or the boyfriend that chose his hunting rifle over her. Spoiler alert: he’s now an ex-boyfriend. The fun goes interactive when Trista whips out her shiny friend for “Trombone Roll Call.” Beware: sitting in the back will not spare you from being called upon to guess Trista’s panty color or divulge your favorite sex position.

All funny business aside, Trista’s singing voice will rock you to the core, and Jason’s skillful piano improvisation will keep you guessing as to what the pair might do next.

If you’re in need of a good laugh, and want to check out some local talent, grab a few pals and a pack of Depends. We just don’t recommend bringing your grandma. Unless your grandma likes poop jokes, STDs, and songs about blumpkins. (We can’t legally explain what a blumpkin is on this site, but you can safely assume your grandma would find it inappropriate.)

Smith & Grimm perform on Thursday nights at Davenport’s Piano Bar. If the high likelihood of peeing your pants isn’t enough to get you there, you may also be tempted by $3 miller lites and no cover.

The Essentials:
Where: Davenport’s, 1383 N. Milwaukee
When: Thursdays, 8-10 p.m. (Through the end of March)

Happy Karaoke Fun Time!

Happy Karaoke Fun Time! throws together three of the finest forms of entertainment: music, comedy, and improvisation. The performers request a topic and a song from the audience to start off the evening. What follows is a series of original scenes, improvised to the random karaoke tracks the DJ spins. You may know the tunes, but the lyrics are re-invented on the spot, resulting in unavoidable hilarity. Ever seen an awkward first date sung to the tune of a Britney Spears song? Or a grocery shopping excursion recounted to a Marvin Gaye melody? Happy Karaoke Fun Time! does just that, creating a full-fledged improvised musical, guaranteed to be original each time you see them.

The group’s slogan breaks it down into four simple words: We sing. You laugh.

You’ll find them at venues around town like Gorilla Tango Theatre in Bucktown and Donny’s Skybox Theater at Second City. Check out their website for upcoming shows.

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