Salud Tequila Lounge (Bar, Wicker Park)

Location: 1471 N. Milwaukee
Phone: (773) 235-5577

We are bathed in flickering darkness upon entering Salud. The cozy, semi-circular booths house glowing, glassy tables and I feel as if we are convening by torchlight. I had wanted to make a choice of bar that took me out of Wicker Park and Salud fit the bill. It’s a niche that I could do with more of, a tequila lounge decorated with as much flavor and variety as is offered in their menu. Everywhere you look is ornate decoration and fine detail. The bar itself is a spectacle to behold; recessed alcoves in the wall hold bottles of choice Mexican gold like archeological treasures.

Salud is no dive bar. To compliment el ambiente grande is a healthy, but not overdone, selection of tapas and specialties. We were there mostly for the drinks, but I had a good long look at the food and have a date with the red snapper filet in the near future. The drink menu is also very modest yet appropriate. I always feel slightly disarmed and concerned when a menu of food or drink spills on pages past where it should. If you could do one thing well, would you need to do forty? Thankfully, Salud gives you enough variety to keep you coming back without making you wonder if any of it will be worth it.

And it’s worth it. We try a selection of margaritas that are all superb. Gene and I are barely pulled away from sampling straight shots of different tequila. We told ourselves we had to move on; likely it’s because the selection is so compelling that we didn’t think we’d be able to stop. They also have a rum menu, and since several items are advertised as ginger infused, I may also have to add one of those to the mix. We cannot stay forever, and as it is with so many things in life, when we must depart from Salud it’s difficult to say goodbye.


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Tessa McLean

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There is just something about that feeling when you have been away — maybe for a weekend, a month, 6 months — and you’re driving into Chicago and that first glimpse of the city skyline appears. It just always makes me smile.

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