Pizano’s (Restaurant, Near North/Gold Coast/Loop)

Locations: 864 N. State St.
61 E. Madison Ave.
Phone: State: 312.751.1766
Madison: 312.236.1777
Website: pizanoschicago.com
Cuisine: Pizzeria
Reservations: Recommended

Pizano’s has been around since 1991 (a newbie on the block in comparison to some of its counterparts), but don’t think just because they’re young they don’t know pizza. In fact, you may recognize the owner’s name — Rudy Malnati, Jr. Yep, that’s right… it’s the same Malnati family that opened Pizzeria Uno in 1943 and Lou Malnati’s! Before you organize a protest that this family has a monopoly on Chicago pizza, you might wanna visit Pizano’s. There’s a reason this family is everywhere when it comes to pizza!

The original location is the State Street store, which is also the most enchanting, in my opinion. The decor is kitschy and homey, the walls covered in colorful Christmas lights, old photographs and nostalgic posters. Red checkered table clothes add a nice traditional touch, and a long wooden bar gives the dining room a neighborhood bar kind of feel.

Though they do serve up some great homemade pastas, I’d stick to the pizza… it’s what they do best. Of course, the traditional Chicago-style deep dish is amazing. Go for plain cheese, sausage, or even anchovies, peppers and onions. Not in the mood for deep dish? Pizano’s thin crust is just as good! The thin buttercrust pizzas are crunchy, fresh, and oooh so tasty. No fear of soggy pizza crust here.

There are endless options when it comes to pizza in Chicago. If you’re looking for a traditional pizzeria with good food, a fun atmosphere, and a little bit of history, Pizano’s is a great choice. Wanna know more about Chicago style deep dish? Check out our feature here.

PS. They deliver!


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