Pita Inn (Restaurant, Skokie)

Location: 3910 W. Dempster
Phone: 847-677-0211
Website: http://pita-inn.com/
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Reservation: Not accepted

Although there are now a handful of Pita Inn locations (not to mention a large market/bakery with the same name and owners), the original and flagship location on Dempster in Skokie is the best. Period. And the hundreds of loyal fans that pack in every day to get down on the “Businessman’s Lunch Special” (don’t worry feminists, I’m sure the lack of a “Businesswoman’s” special is an error of omission rather than commission) know this to be true. For $5 Pita Inn denizens – myself included – enjoy a heaping platter of Shish Kabob, Kifta Kabob, Shawarma, Falafel, and chicken served with rice pilaf, salad and homemade pita bread. Let me say that again: it’s $5! Which isn’t to say that the price alone makes it worth a visit; this is GOOD food that just happens to be cheap. I’ve tried other stuff on the menu – the Hummus and Baba Ghanouj were both fantastic – and I’ve also been for dinner, but the very informal counter-service style makes a quick lunch at Pita Inn the best way to experience the place. Note: Be prepared to deal with crowds and a short wait.


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