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Ozzie and Lou. Lou and Ozzie. Two of the biggest characters (and mouths) in Chicago, who also happen to manage the city’s two arch-rival baseball teams.

Lou Piniella, the Cubs’ skipper since the 2007 season, is best known for his hot-headed temper tantrums, entertaining meltdowns and colorful vocabulary, both as a player and a coach. Nicknamed “Sweet Lou” for his swing and facetiously for his anything-but-sweet temperament, the 1969 American League Rookie of the year played 18 seasons in the league before becoming a manager. Piniella led the Cubs to NL Central Division Titles in his first two seasons with the team and was named NL Manager of the year in 2008, the third time he received the honor (AL –1995, 2001). Although “Sweet Lou” has mellowed some with time (he even pokes fun at his hot-head reputation in this Aquafina commercial), true baseball fans still have a soft spot for the good old, swearing, stomping, base-throwing Lou.

On the other hand, there’s Ozzie Guillen, who has anything but mellowed since he took the reigns of the Chicago White Sox before the 2004 season. The 1985 American League Rookie of the Year with the White Sox, Guillen was known to be a fiery player, and he continued the tradition when he made the switch to manager. While the Venezuela native has led the South Side Sox to a World Series (2005) and two division titles (2005, 2008) in his six seasons as manager, he is undoubtedly better know for his obscenity-laced tirades and general lack of a verbal filter. Although he’s know to fly off the handle at the media, fans, players (or really, anyone who will listen) Guillen has a sturdy fan base that loves the former shortstop’s passion and energy. Recently, Guillen has perpetuated this controversial persona off the field via his Twitter account (@OzzieGuillen). Never one to bow to authority, Guillen has disregarded Sox General Manager Kenny Williams’ objections and has entertained over 30,000 Twitter followers with his controversial posts.

For the record, Piniella shows no signs of following Guillen’s lead with Twitter:

“What is Twitter?” asked Piniella. After an explanation of Twitter and Ozzie’s 140-character musings, Piniella added: “Ozzie … he needs more space than that.”

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