Old Town Pub (Bar, Old Town)

Location: 1339 N. Wells
Phone: (312) 266-6789

Down the stairs and out of the rain we went, as we entered another speakeasyesque joint in Old Town. The Old Town Pub doesn’t have the crude, yet alluring paintings that Old Town Ale House does, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have a charm of its own. The underground lairish style feels classic, the wooden walls are welcoming and unpretentious. Likewise, there is a small little outdoor patio on Wells St., but was closed due to the inclimate weather of the evening.

Drinks were par for the course, but I was glad to find a Kronenbourg 1664 to pair with our Jameson shots (in lieu of an inexplicably absent Malort).  Since we had just eaten at Wells on Wells, we didn’t try any of the house specialty pizzas. As opposed to traditional Chicago style, the Pub does thin crust, covering most conventional toppings (Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken, Margherita, etc.), but what looks most interesting are the Mac & Cheese and Baked Potato pizzas. Might be worth a return visit to check those out.

The rains had attempted but failed to deter our bar crawl, but the near empty joint means they may have succeeded otherwise. That or the place is falling behind in a competitive neighborhood. That’s not to say the chill joint doesn’t have its place though. Our extended little group was able to sit at a table and all talk together, and lack of other patrons meant service was spot on. If only they had Malort…


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