Navy Pier Summer Fireworks

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If you’re like us, you probably wanna know why fireworks have so unreasonably been delegated as solely a fourth of July and New Years Eve thing? What is it about our nation’s independence or the turn of the year that makes people feel it’s the only appropriate time to blow off these gigantic and colorful fireworks? We Chicagoans like our fireworks, even if they are illegal (you’ll have to head to Wisconsin or Indiana to pick some up). Between Memorial Day and Labor Day you can catch them every Wednesday and Saturday evening at Navy Pier in synchronization with musical accompaniment provided by Fresh 105.9 and B96 respectively. On Wednesdays the fireworks begin at 9:30pm and on Saturdays they begin at 10:15pm. So, stake out a spot early with some loved ones and enjoy. Here is a list of other times the city will display fireworks from Navy Pier this summer.

Monday the Fourth of July: 9pm

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