My Sweet Home Chicago: Andrew Hertzberg

Name: Andrew Hertzberg

Hometown: Glenview, Ill

How long have you lived in Chicago? 4.5 years

What neighborhood do you call home? Why did you decide this was the right place for you? Bucktown. Great nightlife, excessive amount of music venues nearby, easy access to any other neighborhood I want to get to.

What brought you to Chicago? What keeps you here? Like I said, I’m from Glenview. The suburbs could be worse, but it’s not all Ferris Bueller’s day off up there. The city was always too close yet too far; so attractive and so mysterious. In the city, there are constantly new things to find out from new people and such an outstanding history that is worth the effort to uncover the forgotten events and places.

The cliché goes that you get the big city atmosphere with the down to earth Midwestern people, but it’s a cliché for a reason. Our downtown is amazing, and the people are (generally) nice and continually looking for ways to make the city a better place to live. At the same time, it is a city of many faults. Part of what I love about here is the faults, which allow perpetual opportunities for improvement.

What’s your favorite free (or super cheap) activity in Chicago? Just walking around different neighborhoods is a good, cheap way to exist (cheap and not free because odds are you’ll find a restaurant or shop worth spending money on).

Favorite deep dish locale: As an employee of Lou Malnati’s, this might count as conflict of interest. Regardless, you have my answer.

Favorite local store or restaurant:
Reckless Records. Haven’t gone here as much recently as I used to, but I always manage to find something unexpected when I’m there. Katrina and the Waves debut LP for a dollar? Yessir!

Favorite street: Milwaukee Ave. It is the main artery to the chambers of downtown. Close second: Narragansett; fun to say.

Silliest thing you’ve noticed about Chicagoans: How much people give a shit about Sox vs. Cubs. 1. It’s just baseball y’all. 2. They’re both from Chicago and not to mention play in different leagues. It’s not even a proper rivalry. Get a grip.

Advice you would give to someone moving to Chicago? Get a bike. Best way to get around the city. Befriend someone with rooftop access and an unobstructed view.

Advice you would give to someone visiting Chicago? Get out of downtown. Visit as many different neighborhoods as you can, from Rogers Park to Logan Square to Bridgeport. Ride every single train line and just look out the windows.

If you were gone for 5 years and came back, what’s the first thing you would do? Cab ride down 94 from O’Hare to downtown and just watch the skyline rise up from nothingness after the junction. Such a glorious sight.

Andrew Hertzberg

About Andrew Hertzberg

If identity is an illusion, I’m a magician in training. And although Emerson was right in pointing out that “with consistency, a great soul has simply nothing to do” the one constant I don’t mind in my life is Chicago. Yes, even the boredom of her suburbs couldn’t suppress the glow of the city, my attraction as a moth to flame. The future is unwritten, the characters are ever-expanding, and the plot is a perpetual foray through rising actions, conflicts and falling actions; the setting, however, remains the same.

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