Moody’s (Bar, Edgewater)

Location: 5910 N. Broadway
Phone: (773) 275 – 2696

Step backwards in time to a basement pub during the American Revolution. Moody’s Pub is our first stop of the evening and it is an ocular feast. The dim lights reflect the outlook of the name and I get the sudden urge to warn everyone that the Regulars are coming. Instead I scan the extent and snag the large, secluded table separated from all of the other patrons. It looks like a fantastic place to craft our grievances to King George, and maybe grab a pitcher of 312. We only did one of those two things, but I am happy to note that the manuscript is quite biting.

The waitress brings us bowls of peanuts and we nosh away. Moody’s will never run out of peanuts, if the gigantic sack by the door has anything to say on the matter. Most peanutted pubs encourage you to dump the shells on the ground, but something is discouraging me from doing so. Maybe it is the eerie sense of reverence I am feeling from the roaring fire stove and the instruments and rifles on the wall behind the bar. We are convinced, if we learned anything from Shawn of the Dead, that those guns will work in a pinch if the Regulars were to storm our impromptu Continental Congress.

There is stained glass everywhere, in the windows, on the pictures, and covering the lamps. Speaking of covering everything, their menu is a nearly dead-equal spread between bar food, beers, wines, and specialty mixed drinks. Talk about a balanced diet. I take a moment near the end of our stay, burgers now consumed, corpse legumes aplenty, to sit by the fire. I am contemplative. When will I be back at Moody’s? Will I see another night inside these walls, with friends this close, before my youngest daughter dies of consumption? The Halloween decor could vanish, but the spooky feeling that comes with Moody’s would not. I take one last longing glance at our table, our momentary home, and open the front door. It is not an easy one to close.

This review first appeared in UPchicago Bar Crawl #4: Edgewater & Andersonville


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Phil Kranyak

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Phil grew up in small town in southeastern Pennsylvania. His family still lives across the street from a cornfield. Phil tried working at the farm when he was too young to get a real job and he left after one day because the farmhand was total creep city. He showed up to Phil's front door the next day wondering why he wasn't at work. Now Phil lives in Chicago and he thinks it was a pretty good choice.

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