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Fudge brownies, paid vacation, smooching babes — what’s the connection? None of these things measure up to a good massage. Oh, I love them. I love them so so much. I can’t even tell you. I wont. I’m not going to try. I moved to Chicago with no friends, no job, and no money. The first couple of months were extremely difficult, and every day gone by with no job applications garnering a callback started bunching my muscles up like the plot of Lost. So, it isn’t surprising that the first person in this city to learn my name was Susie, one of the therapists at Minute Massage Inc. She is one of several talented professionals helping to relieve the stress of the city one knotted back at a time. I have had work done by all of the therapists employed by Minute Massage and I have always come away with a much brighter outlook on my life. I bring friends, family, and coworkers to this small haven right off of the Harold Washington Library L stop in the Loop.

You may have seen those small stands in stores or malls that offer to break down treatment into smaller, more financially manageable chunks of time. After all, who can afford a 90 minute spa massage every month? If you can, I don’t want to hear about it. I had bread for lunch. Minute Massage takes the same concept and places it into a warm, professional environment. No Abercrombie or Auntie Anne’s nearby to ruin your experience. The receptionist is always friendly and will start recognizing you within a few visits, and you sit in a comfortable lobby while waiting for your therapist. Minute Massage accepts walk-ins, but I always call for a reservation. You can do it that day, and it’s nice to know you’ll be able to start right away. Susie gave me a business card, but I have those digits in my cell at this point.

There are so many options to unwind, the permutations are staggering. They have more traditional table massages in private rooms, both Swedish or deep tissue. They start at a reasonable 30 minutes and go up in 15 minute increments. I typically go for a chair massage, which can be bought in any five minute increment, starting at 10 minutes. I’ll go in for a 15 minute tune-up and only pay $21. I can pull that off every month for sure. There is even a specialized foot massage I plan to treat myself to the next time that I get a raise. Minute Massage sells minutes in larger packages at a discount, they have gift certificates available, and they will even show up at your job if your boss will pay for those kinds of perks. On your first visit you fill out a form about where you hold your stress, and on each visit I am asked what we should focus on, what has been hurting, and where I am feeling tension. I have asked for a full service or a focus on my shoulders alone.

I swear by Minute Massage. Something about having a place to go, having people who knew my name, who I could talk about my job search with, made me feel at home in the city. Once I got a job it made me feel like a socialite to put on a nice shirt and treat myself on the one day I didn’t have to dress sandwiches for 10 hours. At the end of each session my therapist, whoever I have seen that day, gives me a bottle of water and thanks me for coming. I have always felt welcome at Minute Massage, and I want as many people to feel just as relaxed as I do.

Minute Massage is located at 214 W. Van Buren and can be accessed by either the Quincy or Library stop. Visit their website at http://www.minutemassageinc.com/

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Phil grew up in small town in southeastern Pennsylvania. His family still lives across the street from a cornfield. Phil tried working at the farm when he was too young to get a real job and he left after one day because the farmhand was total creep city. He showed up to Phil's front door the next day wondering why he wasn't at work. Now Phil lives in Chicago and he thinks it was a pretty good choice.

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