Kincades (Bar, Lincoln Park)

Location: 950 W. Armitage
Phone: (773) 348-0010

Kincades is a typical Lincoln Park sports bar with a large college-age crowd ready to get rowdy any night of the week. But if all you want is to watch the game, have a Miller Lite, and fun with your friends, Kincades is a great place to spend your night. It’s known for cheap drink deals and even cheaper food deals. It’s got the same feel as the other Casey Moran bars (Kendalls, Kelseys, Twisted Lizard, O’Donovans) and pretty much the same food, meaning lots of standard bar food and cheap wing and burger nights. They also have decent bar trivia — you’ve got to love Family Feud style trivia. They have a small patio in the summer and the windows open to make it a great place to hang out and start day drinking on a summer afternoon.

Kincades has a large back room and two medium sized front rooms. With the patio, this place is downright huge. Even with the large space, Kincades can get packed on nights like Wednesdays, with $1 domestic bottles and karaoke in the back.


Tessa McLean

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