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Whether you’re addicted to the limelight and your friends call you a ham, you crave eating a thanksgiving ham, or you’re a vegetarian who despises ham — Kenmore Live Studios is the place for you! While walking home one summer night a friend and I happened upon a live cooking show. And since one of us is addicted to the limelight and the other a vegetarian it seemed only natural that we participate. Still not quite sure what we signed up for, we settled into some studio chairs near the front row and took a look at our surroundings. A brand new kitchen equipped with shiny appliances served as the stage, with a large TV located above. Several cameras surrounded the stage from in front, behind, and even on the sides to get the audience. With the arrival of a few other fame hungry (or just simply hungry) participants, we were ready to start the show.

The MC introduced Chris Curren as chef and partner of Blue 13, a trendy restaurant in River North, with a passion for grown-up food and a healthy obsession of tattoo art. As Chef Curren collected his materials the MC explained that Kenmore Live Studios streams live on the Kenmore Facebook page and that audience members should feel free to ask questions and interact with the performance. This was no problem for me or my voluminous blonde-haired accomplice. Chef Curren demonstrated how to make a watermelon salad with balsamic, baby arugula, watermelon and goat cheese croutons. The plating of the salad was equally as impressive as the original combination of ingredients. The goat cheese crouton sat atop the hallowed out watermelon and passed the taste test from an eager audience.

Perched atop a red Kenmore washer sat a blogger, keeping the MC up-to-date of the latest questions from Facebook viewers. (Most of the questions not surprisingly involved the Chef’s tattoos and whether or not he was single.) Chef Curren next demonstrated how to create homemade sweet corn and manchego ravioli with pan seared scallops. My taste buds watered at the sight (and smell!) of the creamed corn sauce, and I wondered how those virtual taste buds were feeling out in the Facebook world. This particular dish will be to blame when I splurge at Blue 13 in the near future. As my cohort agreed mid-bite, a microphone and camera appeared in her face. I found this amusing and so did the mime appropriately named Ken More, who then proceeded to put on a show of his own. It certainly wasn’t the night we had expected, but those are always the best anyway, aren’t they?

Chicago is the perfect city for impromptu adventures such as this one. Kenmore Live Studios has even attracted some celebrity types such as Ty Pennington, Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard, and Miss Illinois USA since it’s opening in late April 2010. I guess the use of technology, a great location, scrumptious temptations, guest chefs and live audience members create the recipe for entertainment. And I said as much in the confessional booth in the back of Kenmore Live Studios.

The Essentials:
Location: 678 N Wells Street in Chicago

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