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joe's barber shop
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I have never had a barber of my own. I’ve bounced from place to place, to whichever spot had the best deal or geographical convenience at the time. I never bought into the male bonding environment of a Barber Shop –the place where men go while the ladies are at the salon. The idea seems a dying vestige of an age past. Despite my natural aversion to tradition and always always always looking for something new, I may have finally found a barber shop to call my own.

Sitting directly across from the Fireside Bowl is Joe’s Barber Shop. A bike is for sale outside, and you open the screen door to simple tiled floor and fluorescent lighting. Beyond that, Joe’s doesn’t seem like a typical barber shop. PBR is cooling in a fridge near the door. A PBR-sponsored bar is not unheard of, but for a barber shop? And it’s not in a hipster or ironic sense either. The vibe in the shop is entirely genuine. A still from the Godfather neighbors a picture of Barack Obama, and there are numerous plaques touting awards and commemorations around the wall, pictures of family, a plethora of novelty clocks. The place comes off as cluttered, like your grandpa’s attic — full of sentimental objects and random trinkets acquired throughout life. Something look interesting to you? Perhaps you’re in need of a vacuum cleaner or a Frank Sinatra eight track? Ask one of the Joes (father and son) and they’ll be sure to help you out –this hair cuttery doubles as a resale shop!

As for the cut, fifteen bucks will get you what you’re looking for. It’ll be clean, sharp, and classic. There is nothing posh or pretentious about the place. The Joes aren’t ‘stylists’ working at a ‘salon.’ They’re neighborhood guys, who support the local businesses and organizations around them. They’re not going to shave Michael Jordan jumping the skyline in the back of your head (there’s a place across the street for that), but if you’re looking for a clean, sharp looking cut and shave, this is your place. Despite the fact that pretty much everything you see around is on sale, these guys aren’t looking to for a quick way to make an extra buck. They add a personable touch that has created a never-let-down loyal clientele, of which I now consider myself a part of.

What helps to separate Joe’s from the rest is its old school charms melded with contemporary social media interaction. The younger of the Joes is an avid Tweeter, Blogger and Facebooker, always keeping customers up to date on new products, events, or just stuff he thinks you need to know about.

Still in need of a summer trim? Why not head to Joe’s for one of their monthly Hangover Shave Sunday Man-B-Ques? Oh, yes. For a measly Andrew Jackson ($20 for the economically inattentive): haircut or straight razor shave, a burger cooked from the grill outside, and a tallboy PBR in a collectible koozie. Burgers hit the grill at noon and they’ve got three barbers on call to take care of the manes. Official dates for the rest of the summer include June 26th, July 31st, August 28th and September 25th, but they have been known to cater elsewhere.

The Essentials:
Location: 2641 W Fullerton
Phone: (773) 252.3980

Hours: T-F 9am-6pm, Sat 9am – 5pm, Sun, 10am-2pm, closed M

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