Ian’s Pizza (Restaurant, Wrigleyville)

Location: 3463 N. Clark
Phone: (773) 525-4580
Website: www. ianspizza.com
BYOB & Seasonal Delivery

Ian’s is one of the reasons I am thankful I don’t live in Wrigleyville. If I did, I would surely walk myself over to Ian’s once a week (if not more), sober or drunk, and order two slices of mac ‘n cheese pizza. This, dear readers, would not be healthy. I would approach 300 lbs within a year, and would also have probably taken a full five years off my life. But I’m still pretty sure it’d be worth it. I mean did you hear me? Mac ‘n cheese pizza!! Trust me, it’s as amazing as it sounds.

They also make many other specialty pizzas (think buffalo chicken or steak and french fries) as well as pizzas with more traditional toppings. Most pizza is sold by the slice and featured on the counter. If nothing sounds good, make your own, but you’ll have to go for a whole pie. They also have salads, and vegetarian options are labeled accordingly. The Wrigleyville location is BYOB, which is great if you’re gearing up for a Cubs game — just beware, the place gest packd on weekend nights and after Cubs games. For those of you Madison and Milwaukee transplants, this is the same pizza company as the Ian’s you’ll find in Wisconsin.

Tessa McLean

About Tessa McLean

There is just something about that feeling when you have been away — maybe for a weekend, a month, 6 months — and you’re driving into Chicago and that first glimpse of the city skyline appears. It just always makes me smile.

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