Healthy Eating… in the Airport!

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Airport food is notorious for being bland, soggy and unhealthy. O’Hare is one of the busiest and bustling airports in the world, yet it seems that everywhere you look; there are strictly unhealthy options unable to cater to the healthy and hungry traveler. Despite O’Hare ranking second for low-fat vegetarian options in this study, it’s difficult for the weary traveler to find healthy options at O’Hare, so we have done the work for you.

Terminal 1:

• The Berghoff Cafe- Gate C26. This is a spinoff of a classic Chicago restaurant. They are widely known for their Reuben, which normally isn’t a very healthy
option, but all the meat is freshly carved in front of you, which is quite different
from most sandwich shops at airports. There are also
vegetarian options such as a vegetable wrap and beet salad. Finally, they make
egg-white omelettes and have fresh fruit cups!

• La Tapenade Mediterranean Cafe. This newly opened restaurant appeals
perfectly to the healthy traveler in a rush. A wide variety of fresh foods are
available for breakfast lunch and dinner. Some of the healthiest entrees include
the shrimp and strawberry market salad with asparagus, Mediterranean chicken,
and breakfast stratas and fritatas among others. There are also snacks such as
hummus and fresh veggies that are good if you’re looking for a quick bite!

• SaladWorks- Gate C19. Voted “Best Greens at O’Hare International Airport”
by Chicago Magazine, and with made-to-order fresh salads, it is easy to see why.
There are ten different dressings, dry toppings, proteins and cheeses to choose
from but choose wisely — some can undo the healthiness of the salad itself with
their high fat content and calories. Feel like a salad won’t satisfy your hunger?
Turn it into a wrap with a wheat tortilla.

Terminal 2:

• Cibo Express Gourmet Market (Also in terminal 3)- This spot is a rare gem in
the airport. Although it’s a bit pricey, they offer a wide variety of health foods.
Most of the sandwiches are fresh and served on whole grain bread. They have
snacks such as hummus, sushi, fresh fruit and cheese, yogurt, and even soy chips.
This place even appeals to the traveling vegan, with yummy tofu wraps such as
the spicy buffalo tofu.

• Quizno’s (Also in Terminal 1)- The fresh meat and cheeses, the low-fat dressings,
and veggie combinations make this a healthy and quick alternative. Tread wearily,
however, as some sandwiches can be deceiving. Stick to the basics and pick
wheat bread to keep the meal healthy and satisfying!

Terminal 3:

• Wolfgang Puck- K12. If you have plenty of time, this spot is an excellent choice
for some more healthy options, such as the spinach salad, among other freshly
prepared salads. Make sure to ask for dressing on the side, because these salads
can be heavy in calorie-laden dressings

• Macaroni Grill- K2. Again, this is a sit down restaurant and takes a little more
time than normal, but many people feel it’s worth the time spent. Breakfast is
always a hit here, as their omelettes can be made with egg white if you ask. With
options such as fresh salads and vegetables, and entrees such as the Grilled Chicken
Splendini bursting with roasted vegetables, it’s a hit with travelers who have a
while to spend perusing the airport.

For a complete list of dining places in O’Hare, click here.

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    Ummm I LOVE IT. Can you do this for Boston too?!!

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    THANK YOU! I’m going to have to grab dinner in Terminal 3 tonight and I was dreading it. Now if I have any extra time I know exactly where to go.