Grand Lux Cafe (Restaurant, Magnificent Mile)

Location: 600 N. Michigan Ave.
Phone: 312.276.2500
Cuisine: Pizza
Reservations: Accepted Mon-Fri only for lunch for parties of 4+

This national chain is alive and kickin’ on Michigan Avenue in Chicago’s downtown area. Now, if you’re looking for a place to eat in Chicago, there are ton of unique local spots to try, and I’m gonna have to recommend one of those first. HOWEVER, if you find yourself on Michigan Avenue and are looking for a good bite with reliable food, Grand Lux Cafe is a good option.

If you’re Cheesecake Factory fan, you’ll like this place. Portions are huge, meaning unless you’re starving you can expect to walk out with a doggy bag. The salads are great, as are the sandwiches. (The all-white meat chicken breast sandwiches are delicious.) The menu is extensive, so it makes for a good place for a big group or picky eaters. The decor is a bit… well… over the top. But the booths are comfy and the food is good, so we’ll let it slide.


Jackie Berkery

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