Furama (Restaurant, Uptown)

Location: 4936 N. Broadway
Phone: (773) 271-1161
Website: www.furamachicago.com
Cuisine: Chinese/Dim Sum
Reservation: Accepted

If you’re looking for decent Dim Sum on the Northside there really is only one option. But be not afraid – it is a damn good option. Being a Rogers Park dweller makes the trek to Chinatown a mammoth pain in the ass. Having said that, Dim Sum is one of my very favorite cuisines. At Furama it’s as good if not better than any of the Chinatown stalwarts and the key to good Dim Sum is getting it fresh. Dim Sum places without a la carte service rely on the cart system, whereby a platoon of employees push carts laden with little steam-boxes of dumplings which you point at if you want to try. After you point at an item the cart-pusher will place it on your table and then make a little mark on a piece of paper. At the end of the meal the marks are tallied and you get your tab. It’s actually really fun. But because the food is not made-to-order within the cart system, you run the risk of getting crusty old dumplings if the turnover in the restaurant isn’t fast enough. A dumpling you order might have been sitting on the cart for an hour if the restaurant isn’t busy. Stale steamed dumplings get gummy and booger-y and stale fried preparations get greasy and brittle on the edges and corners. Ew. So I wouldn’t really recommend going to Furama (or any Dim Sum place) at an off time. The busier the better. It makes for better food AND better people watching. So try going at “normal” brunch time – from 10 AM til about 12:30 PM – and you’ll love it.


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