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Frozen yogurt is a hot item these days, and more than a few businesses want to cash in on that heap of probiotic goodness we’re all craving. Every week it seems another store is opening up and laying down their spoon in the fight to rule your taste buds. It’s a battlefield out there, kids. A challenge for the lowest calorie, best tasting and easiest to understand menu. With so many options, it’s hard to keep them all straight. I felt it my duty to try these yogurt stands and get to the bottom of each of their paper cups. It was quite the sacrifice, but here it is, a plan to help guide you through the cavalcade of free samples and fruit topping options. A road map for the frozen yogurt of Chicago.

Starfruit: Yogurt for the Über Healthy
Starfruit prides itself on being the most healthy option in the frozen yogurt world. Made mainly out of a fermented milk drink called Kefir, Starfruit has over three times the probiotics (or healthy bacteria that promotes proper function of the digestive system) than regular fro yo contains. Starfruit is certainly the most tart flavored of all the options, so some sort of fruit or candied add-in is highly recommended. Walking into Starfuit is like walking into a land of sweet goodness. The bright pink walls and bubbly light fixtures make the trip feel like you’re visiting a magical place where you can eat whatever your taste buds desire without the sick stomach feeling a big dairy-ridden bowl of ice cream might leave you with. Servers are happy to help describe their daily rotating flavors and even give you a free tasting so you can properly make an informed dessert decision.

Lincoln Park: 2142 N. Halsted
The Loop: 108 N. State Block 37, Pedway Level
Merchandise Mart: 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 238
Wicker Park: 1745 W. Division
Wrigley Field: 1060 W. Addison Street, Main Concourse Concession

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If You Like Starfruit You’ll Also Like:
Red Mango: 2806 N. Clark (
Pinkberry: 635 N. State (

Yogen Fruz: Around the World Fro Yo
Beginning in Toronto, Yogen Fruz has opened stores in over 25 countries including Brazil, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic and Poland with hopes of expanding to even more in the next few years. Just like their worldwide coverage, Fruz is thorough in every aspect of their business. Their store gives you complete and understandable information about the content of their products including ingredients, sugar content, calories and probiotics. Yogen Fruz has a mildly sweet taste that doesn’t overwhelm your palate. They also offer toppings blended into the yogurt so each bite has an equal amount of the enjoyable sweet additive of your choosing. Their sleek white chairs and bright white tiles accentuate the level of perfection they look for in their product. It’s easy to spend an afternoon sitting at their storefront window with a friend, swiveling in their countertop chairs and watching the city go by.

Lakeview: 843 W. Belmont
The Loop: 333 S. State
University Village: 1151 W. Taylor

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Forever Yogurt: Fro Yo for the Indecisive
Forever Yogurt is just as excited for you to enter their store as you are to get a nice little sugar high. With happy-to-help employees ready to explain their self-serve format, it’s easy to mirror their mood and start loading up on the good stuff. After taking a cup from the back wall, fill it with whatever combination of flavors and toppings you like. Each yogurt flavor has a calorie sign next to its easy to pull down handle, pouring out flavors ranging anywhere from Angel Food Cake to Kiwi Sorbet. Some of these handles even let out a swirl combination of the two flavors on either side of it. Cost is based on weight, so you can make your own creation however you like it best. Forever Yogurt is definitely the sweetest of these establishments, which fits perfectly with the store’s atmosphere. Their CTA-themed walls and lights make the customer really feel as hip and trendy as the food they are enjoying.

Gold Coast: 42 E. Chicago
Lakeview: 931 W. Belmont
Wicker Park: 1924 W. North

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If you like Forever Yogurt You’ll also like:
Berry Moon: 2618 N. Clark
Yogurt Pier: 3510 N. Halsted (

Don’t let this list hold you back. There are even more great places to get your fro yo on:

Fresh BerryFrozen Yogurt Cafe: 211 E. Ontario Street (
Kingoberry: 555 S. Dearborn (
Yoberri: 2814 N. Halsted

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