Flo Cafe & Bar (Restaurant, Ukrainian Village)

Location: 1434 W. Chicago
Phone: 312.243.0477
Website: http://www.eatatflo.com/
Cuisine: Southwestern American

This quaint little southwestern cafe serves up delicious food and even more delicious hot sauces. The key to it all is their chiles. Owners Rodney and Renee Carswell are from New Mexico and they make most sauces out of their red or green chiles they get from New Mexico. You can also purchase their sauces to bring home, which certainly spice up your homemade scrambled eggs.

Brunch is definitely a favorite at flo, and look forward to a spicy bloody maria with their homemade mixes. They have coffee while you wait, which is a nice touch. Their huevos rancheros and chilaquiles are fantastic and anything with poblano sauce explodes with poblano flavor. They’ve got an amazing recipe for both chorizo and polenta and you’ll find them both all over the menu. If you haven’t had polenta for breakfast you’re missing out.

Their fruit smoothies are above average and worth the trip alone if you’re craving that. On that same note, they make their own granola and it holds up nicely against the plate of eggs your friends are chowing down. Try not to think of this place as strictly Mexican food because it’s so much more then that.

In fact, their dinners are closer to Tex Mex, that funky twist on Texas and Mexican food born along the southern coast. Their tacos and burritos are solid of course, but I think it’s their “bowls” (no not Chipotle bowls) that really shine with their tex mex concoctions. Plus their Frito Pie actually comes with Frito Chips. Any kitchen that has mastered polenta but still has the cojones to serve Fritos on a dish gets a big thumbs up from me.

The decor is cozy and intimate and service is attentive, so next time you’re looking for a new spot, check out Flo.


Tessa McLean

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There is just something about that feeling when you have been away — maybe for a weekend, a month, 6 months — and you’re driving into Chicago and that first glimpse of the city skyline appears. It just always makes me smile.

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