Eyjafjallajökull in the Spring

Remember a few weeks back when it was 80 degrees outside and a volcano erupted that left thousands of people stranded trying to fly to, from, and within Europe? Yeah, that was fun. Once the warm weather hit, people around Chicago embraced spring pretty quickly and I have some observations. First of all, since last summer, A LOT of us have embraced Rayban wayfarers. I mean they’ve been around, but it usually takes the majority of Chicagoans a year to embrace a trend. (Hipsters I’m not talking to you…thumbs up on trending efforts…oh what’s that? Oh, I’m sorry I forgot you aren’t “trendy”-you just “live”.) For some reason though, BAD trends like gaucho pants and most varieties of jeggings -seem to be embraced almost instantly in Chicago.

Another obvious sign of spring is that people forgot how pale their legs got under all those tights and pants during the winter. I guess I’m lucky enough to realize perpetually– no matter what season — that my skin will never tan and therefore I have a better sense of knowing when pale bare legs are appropriate. The answer is never. I’ve seen a few of you on the Brown, Red, and Purple lines that are blinding those of us who aren’t ready for public displays of paleness. With the spring PDP there has also been plenty of PDA. If I see one more couple cuddling or rolling around on each other sucking face in Millennium Park I’ll scream.

Sorry. I’ll stop using this column as a space to vent all of my frustrations. The warm weather has been an incredible breath of fresh air. People are just nicer in the warmer weather. Cafes have opened up their outdoor seating, Cubs fans are EVERYWHERE, and almost everyone thinks they are going to run the marathon in October because they dropped the dollars at Lulu Lemon and no one is stopping them now.

Also, it turns out, since the warm weather hit, that I live in a family neighborhood. I’m not sure where all these mothers shipped their kids during the winter, but they are back! In fact, I got harassed by three middle school girls in Lincoln Park the other week and they successfully made me feel like I wasn’t popular enough to be in their sidewalk chalk club.

Warm weather brings a lot of change. That’s why I have welcomed the recent rain and cold front as a period of reflection on how I’m going to handle all the summer that’s coming our way. I think I’ll start by ordering some SPF, concert tickets, and try to get a pedicure before things start heating up again.

Until next time loverfaces…


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