Edgewater Lounge (Bar, Edgewater)

Location: 5600 N. Ashland
Phone: (773) 878-3343
Website: http://www.edgewaterlounge.com/

Forgive me if I wax poetic on the Edgewater Lounge. It’s only one of my favorite bars in the world, and, naturally, a lot of memories are connected to it. First dates, celebrating the Obama election, two birthdays, late night drinks and grub after roller derby. Fun times roll out of this place, and our bar crawl stop was no exception.

I remember meeting a date here once, many moons ago. When I walked up to the corner and saw the dark building and faded, barely legible signage, I thought, I might get killed here. But I walked in anyway (what does this say about me??) and realized, that yes, there would be death that night. The death of other regular hang outs, as I knew immediately I’d be back here (the budding romance also died a quick death. Remember, this crawl was about over-sharing.)

In nice weather, the outdoor patio is lovely. This is a feat as the view beyond is of a gas station, a Jiffy Lube, and a McDonald’s in the distance. But the patio is cozy and wonderful on a Chicago summer night.

The inside of Edgewater is dark, as all good bars and pubs should be, with church pews lining a few walls and unique light fixtures throughout. When you enter, you walk into a narrow space, the bar to your right, tall tables to your left. But keep walking, and you’ll find a large back room, full of tables and complete with a fireplace.

Thought we didn’t chow down at the crawl, I’ve eaten at Edgewater many times, and can tell you that they have decent food, both for carnivores and vegetarians. My frugal heart has a hard time telling you this, but the grilled cheese here is really good, and the cheese selections make you forget you could make it at home for cheaper. They even have soy cheese for the vegans, so you’ll know as early as placing your order if this date is going to work out or not.

This bar loves Bell’s, so get thee to Edgewater, Michigan transplants. And, all the way from Oregon, they are also a Rogue-heavy bar. In fact, if you are having a hard time deciding, ask for the Rogue sampler, which is what Phil did. His two cents on that? “It was fantastic!” You heard the man.

And you heard the lady. Me, specifically. Get to Edgewater Lounge, a place that makes bad dates bearable, and bar crawls a blast.

This review first appeared in UPchicago Bar Crawl #4: Edgewater & Andersonville


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