DMK Burger Bar (Restaurant, Lakeview)

Location: 2954 N. Sheffield
Phone: 773.360.8686
Cuisine: Burgers
Reservations: Not taken

I am always skeptical of new places with notoriously long waits. Are they really that good? And worth it for a burger?? From the creators of the famed MK, David Morton and Michael Kornick, I needed to see what all the hype was about. I hate to say it, but it was worth it. After waiting for an hour and a half with my group of 6, we finally sat down at DMK on a Saturday night ready to feast on anything and everything we could get our hands on.

We all ordered a burger and then chose to share a mac & cheese, a couple different kinds of fries, and an order of deviled eggs. I got the #1 burger that comes with bacon, cheddar, and bbq sauce and it was pretty good. A nice flour-ey bun, a decent sized patty, and mmm the bacon, cheese, and bbq sauce was good. My choice was pretty boring compared to some other burger combinations on the menu. You can also get any burger as a turkey burger, which is nice for the beef adverse. It wasn’t oh-my-god amazing, but it was definitely a burger I would go back for. The mac & cheese was very tasty, but the fries were my favorite. The truffle fries were delicious and the sweet potato fries were great too.

And honestly, the wait wasn’t all that bad. We actually had a drink at Kirkwood (just south on the corner) for the first hour we waited because DMK was so crowded and we figured the hostess wouldn’t even notice. She didn’t, but be careful if you do this because you could lose your spot. DMK has a great craft beer selection as well as some tasty and inventive cocktails that makes waiting much easier if you do wait inside. So check it out and judge for yourself. If you went on a weekday, on the earlier side, or with a smaller party, you would probably get seated a lot faster than I did. And hey, now they even have take-out!

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Tessa McLean

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  • CtealC
    May 14, 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I visited DMK a couple weeks ago for lunch for 2 around 12:30 and there was no waiting for some delicious burgers and fries. The place was pretty full, but I would say DMK is not a place which caters to large parties. Most tables are for 2 or 4 with two tables of 6.

    I ordered the #1 and I must say it was probably the best burger I have ever had. The BBQ sauce was the key. It was a great mix of spice and rich bbq flavor. My only complaint (which was easily remedied) was that they were very generous with the grilled onions. For me a little onion goes a long way. My date had a #2 burger with bleu cheese which was also very good (I luckily got to finish off the last couple of bites). There are 5 or 6 different types of fries which all looked very appetizing. I would recommend trying a couple. We shared an order of the parmesan truffle fries and also the Wisconsin cheddar cheese fries. Both were good, but the truffle fries were my favorite.

    DMK also has a great beer selection (which I did not partake in due to a late night before) that would be perfect with a delicious burger and fries.

    DMK left us extremely satisfied and so full we decided to walk home instead of taking the L which I’d say makes it a place worth visiting.

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