Delilah’s (Bar, Lincoln Park)

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Location: 2771 N. Lincoln
Phone: (773) 472-2771
Reservations: Books private parties

Whiskey and punk rock. If I were to have left it at that not only would this review have been extremely short, it also would have told you everything you need to know about Delilah’s.

Most bars in Lincoln Park seem to require a popped-collar or a white baseball hat for entry. Not so here. Delilah’s is one of the best spots in Chicago for blowing off steam on those days when the torture of a 9-5 starts to become too much. Don’t jump! Instead, take a gander at a whiskey selection that offers over 350 options from 11 countries. Not into whiskey? Well, yes, that’s ridiculous, but you can still find something for yourself — from a well-mixed cocktail to one of the many quality beers in bottle or on tap.

Delilah’s can quickly turn into a money drain, and that’s not a dig on their prices. Problem is, with so much deliciousness, one drink begets another, begets another, and then you hear about something new you haven’t tried, or something old you haven’t been able to find, and shit, where did your paycheck go? That being said, it is entirely possible to enjoy a cheap night out at this bar. Check out “Punk Rock Monday” for $1 American beers, $2 shots of Jim Beam, free pool upstairs and, you guessed it, blaring punk music.

Not interested in punk? Delilah’s regularly features a staple of impressive DJs who spin a little something for everyone, whether it’s Rockin Soul DJ Bridget, Jump UP! label head Chuck Wren’s awe-inspiring collection of ska or DJ Machetti on a pyschobilly Wednesday.

Delilah’s plays host to what is essentially a long running party, a bacchanal of b-movies, concert films, excellent music and sweet sweet drinks. My recommendation: grab yourself a glass of Delilah’s house 13-year old bourbon poured over some rocks and kick back on the couch at the end of the bar. Enjoy.


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  • David Frankel McLean David Frankel McLean
    August 29, 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    The beer is also fantastic here. If it wasn’t for their amazing whiskey selection I’d call this one of the best beer bars in the city. The upstairs room often gets rented out with it’s own hidden tender but they rarely rent it past 11 pm.It’s an intimate snag when there’s no room at the bar. I hear whiskey week held some delightful tasting parties for the public at Delilah’s. If only they could all be as cool as this place.

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