Dear Rollerbladers

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Everyone needs a good old-fashioned rant once in a while. So, sit back and enjoy as these Chicagoans sound off on their pet peeves in UPchicago’s very own UPyours!

Dear Rollerbladers,

Back off. This is the deal people; what are you doing on your roller blades on the lake shore path? I love the lake shore path as much as you do, that’s why we’re both on it.

But here’s the difference between me, riding my bike for a workout or commuting, and you, leisurely rollerblading with your earphones on. You are allowed on sidewalks!! Bicycles are not! Thus, stay on your neighborhood sidewalks and leave the lake shore path for bikes/runners/walkers. Rollerblading on the lake shore path is not only annoying to me, it’s also unsafe! I can yell, “on your left!” as loudly and rudely as I can, while you are rolling along, (as forementioned, with your f-ing earphones in!), arms swinging, just ready to get in my way. It is much easier to slow down on rollerblades than it is on my bike.

I honestly don’t want to hit you and I assume you don’t want to get hit. So, please, stop swinging your arms and gliding your legs and stay on the sidewalks!!

Moira Hughes

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