Edgewater & Roger’s Park Neighborhood Guide

Neighborhood Overview

Just like anything else important in Chicago, the Rogers Park neighborhood is the subject of heated debate. According to “the Man,” Rogers Park is Chicago’s Northern-most neighborhood. Its official borders are set thusly: Howard Avenue and the stately town of Evanston to the North, Ridge Avenue and the West Ridge neighborhood to the West, Lake Michigan to the East, and Devon Avenue and the Edgewater neighborhood to the South. I consider myself a lifetime resident of Rogers Park, though I live in that area West of Ridge that is technically, and without much creativity or linguistic pizzazz, known as West Ridge. In mine and in many of my fellow residents’ estimation, the borders of Rogers Park are much more fluid than an official city guide might lead you to believe. I think of Rogers Park as a more general and encompassing neighborhood, such that its borders extend to encompass those neighborhoods of West Ridge and Edgewater. When I speak of something or someone in Rogers Park, I might say “Oh yeah, he/she/it is in East/West/South Rogers Park.”

According to my mean friends who think that living South of Belmont gives them hegemonic control of being cool in Chicago (even though they weren’t BORN HERE…you know who you are), Rogers Park is like a de facto Northern suburb. Sometimes they even call it “Southern Wisconsin” – those fuckers! To them, being in such close proximity to the (847) area code is a source of shame. It’s as if being far removed from the physical center of the city somehow makes my neighborhood less important to or less a part of the city itself. They even point to the relatively low crime rate as evidence to that end. “FEH!” I say. I love my neighborhood. It is a melting pot in the truest sense of the phrase, and I HATE that phrase. But demographics are truly a funny thing here. There are sizable Latin-American, West Indies, African-American, and Caucasian populations spread throughout the neighborhood, with little ethnically homogenous enclaves just as common as wholly integrated ones. Along the Clark Street corridor one might think they were in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. Along Devon the vibe is similar to what I imagine it must be in Delhi or Lahore. The West Ridge area surrounding my house boasts the distinction of having one of the highest concentrations of Orthodox Jewish people in the world. So, despite its physical location on the outermost edge of the city and despite what bitter Michigan transplant dickheads might say, Rogers Park is truly plugged into the urban experience in Chicago. It’s historical importance cannot be overstated; nor can the role it will play in the future development of our awesome city.

(Thanks to Max for this colorful and honest description!)

What’s up in Edgewater & Roger’s Park

Gyms & Spas (Coming soon!)

Edgewater & Roger’s Park Super Map

Public Transportation

L: Red Line (Bryn Mawr, Thorndale, Granville, Loyola, Morse, Jarvis)
Bus: #22, 36, 49B, 50, 84, 96, 97, 136, 144, 146, 147, 151, 155, 215, 290

Attractions in Edgewater & Roger’s Park

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Restaurants in Edgewater & Roger’s Park

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Nightlife in Edgewater & Roger’s Park

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Gyms & Spas in Edgewater & Roger’s Park

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