Chicagoan of the Week

Those who really know Chicago will universally agree: much of what makes this city so spectacular, so unique, are its people. Bursting with creativity, drive, and warmth, Chicagoans are a special breed. Get to know your neighbors with our weekly feature, where we interview a local we think is worth knowing.

Chicagoan of the Week: Desiree Vargas Wrigley

Chicagoan of the Week: Desiree Vargas Wrigley

Desiree Vargas Wrigley is CEO of her company, GiveForward, helping ordinary people raise money for fundraising efforts headquartered in our glorious city.

Philip Ghantous: Bringing Cuban Flair to the Loop

Philip Ghantous has a lot on his plate — father of three young children, husband, and probably what Chicagoans are most thankful for, founder and owner of the little Cuban café that has become a South Loop favorite.

Playing with Fire: Sylar Brodie, Chicagoan of the Week

This flame-throwing former marine is living his dream right here in Chicago, one swirling fireball at a time.

James Teague: Inspiring Cook & Chicagoan of the Week

James Teague volunteers weekly at an organization aimed at developing kitchen skills among Chicago’s disadvantaged youth.

Globetrotting through Music: Sean Joyce, Chicagoan of the Week

“After all the years touring and traveling, I never once thought about relocating. Chicago is my home.” – Sean Joyce

The Polish Cowboy Comic: Phil Biedron, Chicagoan of the Week

The Polish Cowboy Comic: Phil Biedron, Chicagoan of the Week

“A lot of people play the guitar, and a lot of comedians have a certain fashion. But I’m the only banjo player with a cowboy shirt.”

Anne Marie Saviano: Chicagoan of the Week

Anne Marie Saviano is a Chicago bred director/writer/teacher who never ceases to amaze us. If she isn’t directing a Second City comedy show or writing the news at WGN, she’s probably just gushing about how much she loves Chicago.

Lyndsay Hailey: Chicagoan of the Week

Lyndsay Hailey is a busy woman. Since moving to Chicago from Richmond, Virginia her life has been a consistent comedy cyclone, taking the city’s improv scene by storm.

Christine Evans: Chicagoan of the Week

Local lawyer Christine Evans is a truly extraordinary woman of super hero proportions. Mark my words, Chicagoans. This is one of our own we’ll be hearing about.

Daring Dames: Ally Brisbin, Owner of Kitchen Sink Café

Every good neighborhood needs a good café with good coffee. Ally Brisbin, owner of Kitchen Sink Café, has created such a place in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood.

Daring Dames: Gina Aulisio, Owner of Three Dog Bakery

“Is this all for dogs?” That has to be the most common question asked inside Three Dog Bakery. The frosting, the designs — it’s all for your pooch, but it packs a mouth-watering punch for humans, too.

Courtney Rust: Chicagoan of the Week

Courtney Rust is bothered by slipped bra straps and other foibles most of us don’t notice. Chiefly, though, she is an artist who found a way to make a living by creating and making the world a little bit more beautiful.

Christy Beighe-Byrne: Chicagoan of the Week

Christy Beighe-Byrne believes the saying, “A little goes a long way,” and that’s what made her the director of a Chicago-based mentoring program and our Chicagoan of the Week.

Jon Mikrut: Chicagoan of the Week

Chicagoan of the week Jon Mikrut, has embraced Chicago’s rich baseball culture his entire life. And after spending some time in enemy territory (the St. Louis Cardinals!), the Cubs fan has come home to Chicago as a Northwestern baseball coach.