The Chicago Blues

Chicago is famous for its unique music genre, the Chicago Blues. Learn all about the Blues here, including the genre’s history and famous musicians.

Chicago Record Labels (Part One)

Beyond the plethora of music venues, record stores and starving musicians looking to make more than a peep in this city, Chicago is one of the leading hubs for record labels.

South Side Blues: Artis’s Lounge

No visit to this city is complete without a night out grooving to authentic Chicago blues. Artis’s Lounge offers good music, good drinks, and good people.

Chicago’s Favorite Blues Venues

Though the underground blues scene may not be what it once was in this city, there are still plenty of great venues churning out timeless music every night of the week. Check out these local favorites around town.

The Chicago Blues: A Brief History

Chicago has long since been the Blues Capitol of the World. But how did that come to be? Learn a bit about the history of this unique musical genre.