Nightlife in Chinatown

Lure (Bar, Chinatown)

Lure calls itself an Izakaya Pub, which is actually a traditional Japanese pub that is centered around small, affordable plates and generally everyday food (think dim-sum or tapas).

Ethyl’s Party (Bar, Chinatown)

Located south of Chinatown’s main strip, Ethyl’s Party is one of Chicago’s greatest divey little secrets. Home to good people, cheap beer and Blackhawks fans, there’s no better place to drink until you see ghosts.

One Night in Chinatown: A Photo Collection

One Night in Chinatown: A Photo Collection

Chicago’s Chinatown neighborhood on the South Side is one of the city’s least-appreciated yet coolest places to visit. Check out our visual representation of a night in Chinatown… then visit and experience it yourself!