Urban Safari

Life in the concrete jungle can be dangerous. Let our Urban Safari Field Guide help you learn the ropes of the big city.

Breaking News: The Stanley Cup Came Out at the Gay Pride Parade

The gay pride parade in Chicago is certainly a day full of color, energy, and incredible people watching.

She and Him and Her and Me

Summer things are happening in Chicago. And you know what that means… excellent people watching!

UPchicago Field Guide, Chapter 2: Crossing the Street

I don’t care if you’re from Times Square or a town of 50 people, there is a right and wrong way to cross the street.

Oil Spill in the Loop

Commenting on the behavior of our fellow Chicagoans is one of my favorite pastimes. Check out my bi-weekly people watching column!

UPchicago Field Guide, Chapter 1: The CTA Bus

Urban living is an adventure. This manual provides information and describes basic techniques that will enable you to not only survive, but more importantly enjoy city life.

Eyjafjallajökull in the Spring

Watching Chicagoans is one of my favorite pastimes. Especially in the spring. Check out the first installment of my people watching column.

My Love Affair with a Man Named People Watching

I love looking at myself in “The Bean” just as much as the next tourist, but what I love even more is going to “The Bean” and watching other people look at themselves. Check out my bi-weekly people watching column for my latest observations on Chicagoans.