Local Tastes

From hot dogs to deep dish, Chicago has some great local favorites. Check them out here!

Phil Stefani Signature Restaurants

It’s time to experience one of the other restaurant corporation masters. Phil Stephani Signature. And it all started in 1980 at a little Italian outpost in Lincoln Park…

The Michelin Guide Comes to Chicago

I know the food is good here. You know the food is good here. Finally, the world knows. The Michelin Guide has come to Chicago.

Grahamwich (Restaurant, River North)

Location: 615 N. State Phone: (312) 624 – 9188 Website: http://www.grahamwich.com/ Cuisine: Sandwiches Cash Only (for now) We arrived at Chicago Chef […]

Kuma’s Corner (Restaurant, Avondale)

Kuma’s Corner (Restaurant, Avondale)

We often are asked “Where’s the best burger in Chicago?” This may be it. Don’t let some ho-hum grill slap an odd ingredient on your burger and call it innovation; Kuma’s has designed each of their burgers to perfection.

It’s Amore: A History of Little Italy

Whether you’re interested in Chicago’s ethnic history or you just want to grab a good sausage, a visit to Little Italy and its surrounding attractions are a must.

Wiener’s Circle: The One and Only

Wiener’s Circle is an icon of degeneracy, and with that comes the ultimate street food, blackened and overflowing with gluttony.

Kenmore Live Studios

What do you get when you mix the use of technology, a great location, scrumptious temptations, guest chefs and live audience members? A recipe for entertainment.

Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants

Lettuce Entertain You operates over 50 restaurants, ranging from burger joints to white tablecloth fine dining. And though the cuisine may differ at each restaurant, some things don’t waiver: excellent service, quality products, and damn good food.

Dining Out In Chicago

Dining Out In Chicago

Chicagoans like to eat. It’s no secret — we are a hungry people. Hungry for great restaurants, top chefs, and unparalleled atmosphere. Luckily, this city truly delivers when it comes to dining out.

Portillo’s: Another great Chicago dog

When it comes to Chicago-style hot dogs and really good fast-food, Portillo’s comes out as top dog.

Chicago’s Beer Bars — A Map!

Chicago’s Beer Bars — A Map!

These colorfully illustrated maps show some of the city’s greatest drinking establishments. The poster presents 14 of the best-known and best-loved of Chicago’s beer bars. An excellent choice for a beer lover in Chicago.

The Girl and the Goat (Restaurant, West Loop)

I won’t make any grandiose statements about how this is Chicago’s next Charlie Trotters but I will say Stephanie Izard’s food is even better in person than it looks on television.

Places to Eat Non-Chicago-Style Pizza

Places to Eat Non-Chicago-Style Pizza

So not everyone in Chicago loves deep dish. Ok, fine, I guess we understand. Here is an insight into where to head for some pizza of the non-deep-dish variety.

A Tale of Two Phillys

Philly is no Chicago (ahem, Flyers…) but those Pennsylvanians sure know how to make a cheese steak. For those far from home, we’ll help you find your favorite hoagie right here in the Midwest!