Local Brewery Series

Chicago has always been a beer kind of town. But after the Chicago fire and prohibition much of Chicago’s beer making traditions were lost. Now, with a craft beer revolution sweeping the nation, the Chicagoland area is fast becoming home to some of the best beer in the country. Explore with David Frankel McLean as he attempts to take on one brewery at a time and drink his way through Chicago.

Metropolitan Brewery

Metropolitan Brewery on the North side is crafting German Lagers with Chicago style. Learn about them here, then check ’em out in Andersonville or at your local bar.

Three Floyds Brewing Co.

The 2nd in our Chicago Brewery series, Three Floyds is grabbing hold of the local beer scene. And maybe even a reason to head to Indiana.

Goose Island Brewery

You might say Goose Island has made Chicago fit for these other small time bottlers; sowing the seeds of good taste for fellow breweries to graze. I, for one, salute that big fat bird. It’s recognized products like theirs that compose the fabric of Chicago’s image and formulate the lingering consistency of my Chicago pride.

Revolution Brewing Company

Chicago isn’t alone in the beer craze, but trust me when I say the Midwest is holding its own in having some of the most respected and savored breweries in the country. Revolution Brewery Company is another notch in that belt and certainly one of the finest recent additions to Logan Square.

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

While Piece doesn’t do much brewing outside the box, they’re doing a great job crafting beers inside the box. And with unorthodox pizza toppings like clams or mashed potatoes who says they have to reinvent the beer wheel as well?

Two Brothers Brewery

If the craft breweries of Chicagoland are a family of misfit siblings then Two Brothers Brewery strikes me as the middle child; pensive and often overlooked but as talented as any of the others.

Koval Distillery

Located in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood, Koval is a local distiller of vodka, whiskey, brandy and liqueurs.

Half Acre Brewery

Tap into the growing trend of local brew by learning about the city’s breweries, like Half Acre Beer, a Chicago favorite.