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The Chicago Blackhawks: A Brief History

Chicago is still riding high on the Blackhawk’s 2010 Stanley Cup win, but it’s been a long road of ups and downs for the team over the years.

United Center

Ahh the glory moments. Three bulls championships (in a row!) with some of the greatest players in history… the recent Blackhawks championship. All at the United Center.

Dustin “Big Buff” Byfuglien

Former Blackhawks winger Dustin Byfuglien possesses the perfect Chicago combination of skill and toughness, securing his place among the legends of A.J. Pierzynski, Bob Probert and Dennis Rodman, sports figures that are as ingrained in the Chicago sports mythos as the Jordans and Hulls and Sandbergs.

A Personal Testimonial: 25 Years of Blackhawks Fandom

After 49 years the Stanley Cup has been returned to Chicago. There are plenty of articles that will break down the how and the why, the stats and the strategies. This isn’t one of them. This is a personal Blackhawks testimonial, from one fan to the rest of them.

Sam Fels: Chicagoan of the Week

Everyone loves the Blackhawks these days; they’re on their way to the Stanley Cup and might just win it all for the […]

Pat Foley, Voice of the Blackhawks

Blackhawks TV and radio personality Pat Foley has been the voice of the team for the last 30 years and is synonymous with Chicago hockey.