Shopping in Chicago

All about Chicago’s world-class shopping.

Holiday Shopping Downtown: Treat Yourself While Checking off Your Gift List

Visit unique shops in Chicago’s downtown to find gifts for everyone on your list, while having a little fun yourself!

Chicago Men’s Style Guide

Whether you’re a self-diagnosed shopaholic or you live in fear of having to buy new clothes, men living in the Chicago area are in luck because there are a number of great stores nearby selling all sorts of men’s fashion items.

Wolff’s Flea Markets

Ever dream of a magical place where you can buy samurai swords, fresh fruit, vintage beer steins and comic books? Wolff’s Flea Markets has all that and tons, tons more.

The Village Discount Outlet: A Thrifter’s Survival Guide

Shopping here is time consuming, but well worth it. And like all good thrift store shopping, it requires patience and the ability to leave your sense of smell at the door.

Transistor: An Andersonville Shop for the Art/Book/Music Lover

Transistor is one of those hard-to-define Andersonville stores. Is it a record store? A bookstore? With art for sale on every inch of wall and amps, instruments, and headphones on display, I had to ask—what is Transistor?

Christmas Tree Farms and Lots

Do you smell that pine? It isn’t just the gin I’m drinking that put the jovial jolt of juniper in the air—Christmas is coming. If you want to venture to get your tree from a tree farm and not just some lot on Halsted, here’s a list of tree farms in the area.

UPchicago Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are creeping up on us, and let’s be real — most of us haven’t finished our shopping yet. Check out this collection of great local gift ideas for everyone on your list.

5 Kickass… Streets for Holiday Shopping in Chicago

5 Kickass… Streets for Holiday Shopping in Chicago

Don’t know where to snag the best gifts for everyone on your list this year? Here are our 5 kickass ways to get through your holiday shopping in Chicago — sans malls! Hint: they’re our favorite shopping streets in the city…

Chicago Record Store Guide

Chances are, if you’re a buyer of Vinyl records or rare CD’s then you enjoy the hunt for music almost as much as you enjoy the music itself. It was with this mentality that I attempted to tackle every record store within Chicago city limits.

A Day Trip to Michigan City, IN

Trying to save some money? Desperate for an afternoon of shopping? Penny Pinchers assemble! Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets is just what you need. And don’t just stop at shopping, make a day of it in Michigan City.

Old Orchard Shopping Mall

Old Orchard Shopping Mall

Old Orchard may be outside the city, but with FREE parking lots and all the mall’s restaurants and stores located within a very leisurely and walkable distance, it’s worth a trip.

Let’s Make a Deal: Maxwell Street Market

Before there was Target or Wal-Mart, even before clearance items or sales racks, there was Maxwell Street Market. A bargainer’s haven, the little thoroughfare on the near west side is open every Sunday.

Uncle Fun: A Toy Store for Everyone

Uncle Fun: A Toy Store for Everyone

Uncle Fun is not your typical Toys R’ Us. It’s a gag gift utopia filled with nostalgic trinkets that kids, and the kid in all of us, can enjoy.

5 Kickass… Chicago Bookstores

5 Kickass… Chicago Bookstores

Here are 5 kick-ass Chicago bookstores sure to meet your reading needs and offer titles, events, and amenities that Borders could never provide.